On The Mend (Or, I May Actually Be Superhuman)

Just so you know, before you open my “read more” thingy, there will be a montage of photos spanning the last three weeks since I broke my hip. If you don’t like bruises or sutures, I suggest you don’t read past the cut.

Since breaking my hip I seem to be doing very well. It’s not hard work to use the zimmer, now, and I’m fairly sure that I can progress back onto my stick in time for the tarantula show (although we’re hiring a wheelchair for that due to the number of people). When Dom can’t be with me my dear friend Alex always seems to be happy to step in. Possibly because I can no longer stop her raiding my tea stash (that’s actually a joke: she brings me snacks and plies me with gin and doesn’t mind if one of my meds makes me fall asleep. She does drink my tea, but she supplied most of what she drinks here, and will only drink a particular tea with my permission lol).

Alex is, quite frankly, amazing. Everyone deserves a friend like Alex. Really, go and find yourself an Alex – you won’t regret it.

Medical staff were astonished by both my outlook and my progress after my operation. They didn’t expect someone in pain to still have a sense of humour, and they certainly didn’t expect me to be motoring around on a zimmer quite as soon as I was (two days later). Some of them were Doctor Who fans, and they compared me to everyone’s favourite Timelord due to my apparently rapid healing abilities. One suggested that I am either superhuman or related to Wolverine.

Whatever: along with not dying five years ago when everyone thought I’d leave ICU in a box, I’ve healed well and seem to be fairly indestructable. I am very much grateful for this, and my sister (who is undergoing some surgery of her own) hopes that the rapid healing is genetic. Given that my son shares my ability to break a bone and not notice unless he can’t stand up, I would assume that my sister has this ability to heal and be badass too.

On to the pics. The first being post-op, and the rest documenting the healing that you can see. On the inside, I can feel everything that was disturbed during the op mending. It hurts, but that only tells me that everything is going well.

Just three weeks, and here’s where I’m at. Even I’m amazed.

The NHS is wonderful, as are – apparently – my healing powers!

10 thoughts on “On The Mend (Or, I May Actually Be Superhuman)

  1. Thank you sweetie–I’m happy to step in because I love spending time with you, and Dom too.

    If people are interested, Alex can usually be found wherever there is good company, and good food and drink. She can be recognised by frequent laughter and occasional innuendo.

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      1. True–like when I read what you’d written about me here.

        I’m so happy for you that your recovery is proceeding well. Not least because it means we can get on with causing mayhem in so many other places… πŸ˜‰

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  2. I’m so glad that you are recovering so quickly! Much kudos to Alex for her friendship, help and support!

    I hope your sister’s surgery and recovery will go well too, and that the rapid healing is indeed genetic.

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    1. My sister has been receiving ongoing jaw surgery for some time now. It’s been a long – and often gruesome – process, but the end result will make her happy, and that’s what matters πŸ™‚


    1. The incision is little more than a scar now! I’m having my first physio appointment on Monday, which is five weeks to the day since I had the surgery. It’s also my wedding anniversary!


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