A Funeral For A Friend

This afternoon, two of my good friends have to lay their amazing wife and sister to rest. I can’t be there, but I wanted you to know about her, because she’s the sort of person who truly deserves to be known by the entire world.

Nobody’s Puppet

Originally posted on My Autistic Dance:
I heard about the play, All in a Row, the other day. Specifically, I read what the writer had to say about deciding that the character of an autistic boy with “challenging behaviour” could only be portrayed by a puppet. I know so many autistic people who have dedicated…

Autism, China In Your Hand And Frankenstein’s Creation

I wrote this on my old blog a few years ago. It’s still pertinent, and was even approved by Carol Decker. Autistic people are still people. We face a lot of hatred and misunderstanding, but in many ways we are just like everybody else – except that we’re wired differently. Being differently wired is not … More Autism, China In Your Hand And Frankenstein’s Creation