A “Teatotal” Monthiversary

I’m just over a month sober now, and can honestly say that I’m enjoying it. In part because there are so many AF options out there these days, so I don’t have to sit in a pub nursing a tomato juice and calling it a Virgin Mary so that the hardcore beer drinkers don’t look … More A “Teatotal” Monthiversary

“Just The One”

I was 16 years old when I started to go out clubbing. Some of my friends had been going to the dingy, grubby old rock club that was like a second home since before we left school. Back then, I wasn’t a drinker. Mum might give me a miniature bottle of Babycham or Pony on … More “Just The One”

Sober Goals

There are some things that Sober Me will never really be able to do again – like walking five miles a day with my favourite music playing through my earbuds, stopping at Sainsbury on the way home to pick up some bits and pieces (such as elderflower cordial). I might be able to do some … More Sober Goals