Sober Goals

White Sourdough 22-4-15.jpg
Sourdough, made with my own fair hands

There are some things that Sober Me will never really be able to do again – like walking five miles a day with my favourite music playing through my earbuds, stopping at Sainsbury on the way home to pick up some bits and pieces (such as elderflower cordial). I might be able to do some wheelchair yoga or something, until I can walk unaided for any length of time again, but even then I’m likely to always have a limp.

However… there are things I’ll still be able to do – especially after a bit of physio to get my muscle tone back:

1: I can start gardening again. I miss gardening so much!

2: I’ll be able to get back to pickling and baking, with Paganini blasting through the speakers. Or maybe Holst: he’s from my home town. People are always surprised to learn that I like classical music – but “still waters”, as they say.

3: Perhaps I can get back to my book reviews, as I won’t be stoned out of my gourd on painkillers any more.

4: Blitzing the house, one room at a time.

5: I’ll be able to bear weight on my left hip for long enough to care for my beloved tarantula crew unaided, once I get my leg muscles back.

For out and about my wheelchair will always be my safest option, due to the epilepsy and autism, but I can still become part of society again. I’d say “polite” society, but I’ve never been part of polite society anyway!