Two Years In The Life, Part One

It seems almost impossible to me that two years have flown by since my last entry, and yet here we are. Hello again, world; I hope you’re still listening – because I have so much to tell you! In fact, I shall be catching you all up via the use of installments because I have … More Two Years In The Life, Part One

And The Hip Is Gone!

It’s done. Two and a half years of agony are over, and I have a nice, shiny, cemented hip prosthesis. I was so well looked after- even in theatre as they administered the spinal injection that paralysed me from the waist down. I knew nothing after being repositioned on the bed, as someone else was … More And The Hip Is Gone!

And lo, There Was Tea!

Originally posted on Puerh Indulgence:
Happiness in a gongfu cup So here we are: Gemma finally got her behind in gear and made a tea blog! Obviously this is still a work in progress: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was Accidental Spacegirl. Even that years-old blog is still being tweaked now and…

Sip Straight To The Soul: The 5 Characteristics of High-Quality Big Tree Tea – Translated Article

Originally posted on Dead Leaves Club:
This and another post on plantation teas will be my last Ulumochi translations for a while. Original article here. It has been a pleasure discussing tea with him briefly, he has contributed much to the pu’er community in Taiwan, and is someone I believe Western audiences may benefit from…