We don’t need no stinking badges

Badges. As an ex care assistant, this has my blood boiling. How low can you get?!!

Wee Ginger Dug

Faced with persistent calls for health and care workers to receive the personal protection equipment and the coronavirus tests which they so urgently need, let no one say that the British government hasn’t been listening. The problem is that it’s been listening to something else entirely, and that something else appears to be the sound that Matt Hancock’s fingers make as he sticks them in his ears and goes la-la-la. Instead of offering health and care workers the things that they’ve been screaming for to help keep them safe as they save our lives and the lives of the likes of Boris Johnson, Matt is instead going to give them all a nice shiny badge. A badge. A… Badge… Can I just ask the Health Secretary a follow up question please – “A fucking badge?”

It’s like the worst episode of Blue Peter ever. And at the next government…

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One thought on “We don’t need no stinking badges

  1. Hi Gemma

    I can scarcely find the words to say how disgusted I am, at this nasty and ridiculous insult to health and care workers. The government are wasting good money on *badges*, for pity’s sake, when the brave people sweating it out on the front line are desperate for a reliable supply of proper PPE!

    Why on earth they aren’t putting the highest level of budget and priority, including directing UK manufacturers by law to get on with making it, into getting the PPE made and distributed, I just don’t understand. It’s about time they started ‘test, trace and isolate’ again too; they should never have stopped it.

    BTW the ‘leave a reply’ button on your ‘Living with Lockdown’ post seems to be missing at the moment, so I can’t respond to it. Perhaps there’s a setting I’ve got wrong, or something.

    Stay safe, and all the best, to you and Dom.



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