Happy Mother’s Day – A Letter To My Nan

My dear Nan, I wanted to wish you a happy Mother’s Day, even though you’ve not been with us for a long time. When I was little, I used to come home from church with a daffodil for you. In later years it was a phone call, and when I became an adult it was … More Happy Mother’s Day – A Letter To My Nan

Learning To Walk Again

A year is a long time, but some hip fractures are more serious than others. I’ve seen a couple of ladies who were on the ward at the same time as I was, and they’re both up and walking. They’re walking differently to how they walked before, but they’re walking.

Land of Make Believe

The brain has always fascinated me. Mainly due to my interest in psychology, but partly because I’m epileptic and want to learn more about how the brain works, and why it can fire off the wrong kind of neurons in some of us. For an epileptic there are many triggers – and not all are … More Land of Make Believe