Sometimes, It’s Just The Little Things


You know that feeling, don’t you. We all do. That feeling where everything is generally turning to poo; when you’re depressed; when you’re disabled; when you’re injured… even when you just generally feel like utter crap.

My hip injury has really impacted on my life. I’ve not been able to do anything outside of the house for an entire year – not unless the HusTribble was willing to drive me and operate my wheelchair once we reached our destination. I can self-propel to a degree, but only on a flat surface. I can’t wheel myself across the road up kerbs, or wheel myself uphill. It would be insane for me to even try.

Not my wheelchair, but looks similar with being TARDIS blue

We get out for pleasure sometimes, but it’s usually to go to hospital and GP appointments, rather than going out for a pub lunch or anything like that. Over the last 15-18 months, my hair has begun to resemble Medusa’s more and more.

See? Medusa… or maybe a Harpy. What a mess!

And so my sister-in-law stepped in!

She booked her mobile hairdresser for Thursday, and drove me to her house. While we were waiting for the hairdresser to arrive, she washed my hair for me (because I still can’t do that unaided).

Here is the result:


A little shorter than I would have liked, but there was so much mess to get rid of! And my hair grows like wildfire, so it’ll grow back in no time – except that I’ll have Mercedes to trim off the bad parts! I lost a good five inches, I think – and all because I broke my hip!

This really is just one little thing that my sister-in-law knew would make me feel better about my stupid, crippled self, but that’s the entire point of what I’m saying.

The smallest thing can make so much difference to somebody, and this haircut made a difference to me in ways that my sister-in-law will never know, because I can’t explain.


4 thoughts on “Sometimes, It’s Just The Little Things

  1. So right. Kindnesses like that can make an enormous difference, and give someone a real boost. No names, no pack-drill, but over the years I’ve been both the giver and the receiver in that way, when a friend or I have been really down. Well done to your sister-in-law and her mobile hairdresser!

    You’re looking really, really lovely.



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    1. My sister-in-law is truly awesome. Every time I’ve been in hospital she’s been over to help Dom as much as he’ll let her, and she’s just a really nice lady. I had the money to pay for this haircut but she wouldn’t let me. I’m really grateful to her for treating me, but next time I’ll insist on paying.

      Mercedes did a lovely job, didn’t she: I look and feel like me again 🙂


  2. People who aren’t ill don’t understand how difficult even the smallest things like this can be. Your hair looks great, and it was quite sweet of your SIL to treat you!

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