Two Years In The Life, Part One

It seems almost impossible to me that two years have flown by since my last entry, and yet here we are. Hello again, world; I hope you’re still listening – because I have so much to tell you! In fact, I shall be catching you all up via the use of installments because I have … More Two Years In The Life, Part One

Learning To Walk Again

A year is a long time, but some hip fractures are more serious than others. I’ve seen a couple of ladies who were on the ward at the same time as I was, and they’re both up and walking. They’re walking differently to how they walked before, but they’re walking.

Summer As A Spoonie

[Image: Central Park, Chelmsford, courtesy of Google] If there’s one thing I really don’t like about summer (aside from the Hot; I do terribly in Hot and like autumn and winter the best) it’s when all the young, pretty ladies break out the kind of adorable sundresses and accessories that a rotund, middle-aged trout (me) … More Summer As A Spoonie

Celebrating Good Times

Yesterday was Man-Tribble’s first payday, and late in the afternoon I received a text informing me that he’d booked a table at our favourite pub/restaurant (pictured) for 8pm. For us this place holds many happy memories concerning family and friends, and the food never fails to deliver. Being a Tuesday, the menu wasn’t terribly exciting, … More Celebrating Good Times