Two Years In The Life, Part One

It seems almost impossible to me that two years have flown by since my last entry, and yet here we are. Hello again, world; I hope you’re still listening – because I have so much to tell you! In fact, I shall be catching you all up via the use of installments because I have … More Two Years In The Life, Part One

And The Hip Is Gone!

It’s done. Two and a half years of agony are over, and I have a nice, shiny, cemented hip prosthesis. I was so well looked after- even in theatre as they administered the spinal injection that paralysed me from the waist down. I knew nothing after being repositioned on the bed, as someone else was … More And The Hip Is Gone!

Sober Goals

There are some things that Sober Me will never really be able to do again – like walking five miles a day with my favourite music playing through my earbuds, stopping at Sainsbury on the way home to pick up some bits and pieces (such as elderflower cordial). I might be able to do some … More Sober Goals