Time Heals All Wounds


Sometimes it might take what seems like forever, but time does eventually heal – be it emotional healing, or physical. Over the last ten years I’ve had to deal with both, and even more so in the last twelve months. Being physically restricted has a massive impact on the psyche, as well as on the body. When you can’t really move a lot, frustration can lead to depression, and severe chronic pain doesn’t help. It’s really quite maddening.

A week or so ago, my left thigh muscle became clenched and seized up – presumably through lack of use. As of today it’s eased off a lot – but I had to put a lot of work in to get it loosened up again (including placing my foot flat when walking and not putting all of my weight on the ball of my foot); I had to deal with considerable pain to get it all stretched out again (thanks for the help, Cocodamol).

I have an appointment looming with my consultant, and that’s when decisions will be made. Due to a recent fall, we know that the hip now has full union (because I did as I was told by the paramedics last year and went to A&E for an emergency x-ray), but do I want to keep the screws? Yes, actually, I think I probably do. I’m so prone to falling that they might prevent another operation should I break the same hip again – the femur will now be considerably weaker and I just don’t want to chance it. Even once I’m old enough to have the full replacement that I was told I needed at the time, I’m always going to have a limp, so what’s three metal screws when it comes down to my mobility? Nothing, that’s what.

Besides; I quite like being a Cyborg. Imagine the fun to be had at airports!


3 thoughts on “Time Heals All Wounds

  1. I am so glad you finally healed. This is a super tough injury to come back from.
    I think it’s a good decision to keep the pins in, especially if you are at risk to fall again.

    Keep up the good work. XOX

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    1. At times it’s seemed completely insurmountable. I know I don’t have to describe the pain or the frustration to you, because you have first-hand knowledge of your own. My thigh muscle has kinked up again (I’m apparently very active in my sleep, which is what will definitely do it) but not as bad as the last time and I’m making sure not to limp – foot flat on the floor when walking is the only way to sort it out.

      I’m definitely telling my consultant that I won’t be operated on until I’m deemed old enough for a new hip – not unless my epilepsy causes a new hip injury.

      You seem to be doing really well, yourself. Keep it up xxx

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      1. I know what you mean. You just have to hang in there and do it step by step.
        Have somebody check your hip flexor. It is a very, very important muscle to lift the foot and if this is off, it can give you A LOT of troubles.

        I am doing well except the flare. Still going on.


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