When Injuries Bring Suprise News

Not my hip, but same operation


If this hadn’t happened to me, I never would have believed it. But it has happened, so here I am to tell you all about it.

Last night I forgot that I’m not able to walk in the way that I’m accustomed to. I went for a wee, and then I walked back to the bedroom too quickly – causing my left leg to collapse out from underneath me, sending me crashing to the floor. Fearing that I may have had a seizure (which I actually might have done, but neither of us know) Dom came racing upstairs to assess me. I was in pain and not sure if I’d caused further damage or not, so he called 111 – and was advised to take me to A&E.


Oh great. Here I am back at what may as well be my second home…

I wasn’t deemed an emergency, as I didn’t have an acute or serious injury, unlike last time, when I was transported to triage via ambulance. So I had to sit in A&E for a couple of hours with Dom. Fortunately, I had Billy Idol’s autobiography to read. I’ve been a fan of his since White Wedding, and I share my birthday with him (although I am obviously considerably younger). I learned a lot about him last night, and still have plenty more of the book to read!

After a few hours I was seen, and sent for an x-ray to see what damage I might have done. I was fully expecting to have to be kept in, with just Billy Idol for company.

Instead, I had shock news.

My hip has finally mended!

When I fell, I just made my metalwork sing rather loudly, and did no harm to myself. I genuinely thought that my fracture hadn’t mended, as that’s what my last x-ray showed us – but since then it’s knitted into full union. I did apologise for wasting the doctor’s time, but he reassured me that I’d done the right thing, as a hip patient, by coming in to get checked over.

So; I’m a Cyberwoman, but I’m a healed Cyberwoman. I have the option to have the screws taken out, but I’ve been told – ever since I broke my hip – that I’ll need a full replacement when I’m older. So why have two operations when I only really need one? Yep, the screws are staying, and that is my choice. They’re not exactly comfortable, but they did their job and I won’t allow any surgeon to open me up again until they absolutely have to.

For now, I need to start working on my atrophied leg muscles. I’m pretty sure that’s more important than having the metal that saved my hip taken out.

And, since Billy Idol unknowingly helped me through last night, here’s one of my favourite Idol tracks.

9 thoughts on “When Injuries Bring Suprise News

  1. Ouch! I’m sorry to hear of your fall and pain, but so glad that your hip has mended!

    I’m sure the metal will help to strengthen the mended area. I can well understand your not wanting to be opened up again unless it’s really necessary.

    Good luck with the work on your leg muscles. I imagine that will involve physiotherapy and home exercises.

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    1. The fall was actually a good thing! I’d been waiting for my next assessment, and I got it early. Fracture = gone!

      I’m so pleased – and could I really have had better company than Billy Idol’s autobiography and my Spike lookalike husband? 🙂

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    1. I’ve been advised to start walking more, and adjust to the metalwork. I’m of the same mind as you, in that I refuse to have the screws taken out until such time as I’m old enough to qualify for the replacement that I need. They’re uncomfortable, and I’m still on strong opiate painkillers, but if I allowed them to be removed I’d have no protection when I fall again (and, being epileptic, I *will* fall again).

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      1. Walking a bit more will be good for you. It promotes bone growth and you will work on your strength and endurance. It’s a long process but you are on the right way!

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  2. Through Undine’s blog, I found a few more brave girls like yourself!

    Sorry that you fell but a great news that you fracture has fully healed!

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    1. Hi Helena, thanks for stopping by.

      Undine found me not long after my accident, and she’s proved to be a source of support, advice and friendship. It’s unusual for people our age to break a hip, so to meet someone else in the same boat was reassuring to me.

      I’m epileptic: I was on my way to bed and suffered an absence seizure, which culminated in me tumbling back down the entire flight. I could easily have broken my neck, and so – in a perverse way – I feel lucky to have only broken my hip.

      I have three femoral screws holding me together, and there’s talk of them being removed now that I’ve healed, but I really think I want to keep them. I can feel them at times, but my hip is significantly weaker now than it was before the fracture. I’ve also been informed that it’s only due to my young age (45) that I didn’t get a hip replacement instead of the screws, so why have two operations when I only need one? Undine herself would tell you that the screws can be uncomfortable – but we live with it, and we both have painkillers if needed (actually I can’t speak for Undine, but I’m on strong opiates a year after my operation).

      Very nice to meet you, Helena. I look forward to hearing from you again in the future 🙂


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