Living On Lockdown, And Other Stories

First things first: I sincerely apologise for the radio silence. I seem to have misplaced my writing mojo since my second hip surgery. I hope that everybody is as well as can be expected in these troubling times, and that you’re all staying safe! Life hasn’t changed that much for me, as in the fact … More Living On Lockdown, And Other Stories

Sober Goals

There are some things that Sober Me will never really be able to do again – like walking five miles a day with my favourite music playing through my earbuds, stopping at Sainsbury on the way home to pick up some bits and pieces (such as elderflower cordial). I might be able to do some … More Sober Goals

Everything’s Better With Discworld!

I have been so busy trying to find answers for my hip, complaining about horrible consultants through the proper channels and generally being miserable, that I seem to have completly forgotten to post about the fabulous long weekend in August that was Discworld Convention 2018. Since Sir Terry’s passing, the conventions are still running in … More Everything’s Better With Discworld!

Why I Hated The Physio Guy, And What I Should Have Said To Him

I shan’t divulge his name because I’m too professional for that and I’m not mean, but I didn’t like the head of physio from the moment I saw him after my hip operation. He extended his hand for me to shake, and it was like clutching limp, soggy lettuce – and I never trust such … More Why I Hated The Physio Guy, And What I Should Have Said To Him