Liver, And Not For Dinner

Today I would like to talk about the liver. Specifically, mine. It’s an amazing organ with more regenerative abilities than a certain Time Lord. It can survive pretty much anything.

That is, of course, until it doesn’t…Some of you already know that, three years ago, I was in intensive care. I was extremely poorly, had lost the ability to even walk, and I might have died. Have a photo of how sick I was:

In Hospital August 2014

In intensive care, sad that I was having to miss Doctor Who, but grateful that my husband was allowed to visit me.

In comparison, have a photo from my trip to Sweden with my husband in October:

Us on Ferry

It turns out that I didn’t have the cirrhosis that I was diagnosed (wrongly) with. But I did have serious liver damage that could have taken my life if I’d not decided to go to hospital that night. Two ultrasounds have shown a regenerated and healthy liver, but not everybody is so lucky. I realised that I needed medical help before it became too late – but I did cut it a bit fine.

I have my annual lecture with my gastroenteroligist in March. He won’t like the fact that I went a bit wild over the festive season, but he also knows that I’m a sensible person and that my husband and I both look out for signs that my liver is under stress. I’m not going to take my liver’s repair for granted – ever! I like a tipple, but will stop if I see any visible proof that my liver needs me to stop, and so far I’ve not seen or felt any.

But really, people: take care of your liver. I didn’t know what I was doing to me, and I’m one of the lucky ones. Don’t be the stubborn one who can’t be helped, Please.

6 thoughts on “Liver, And Not For Dinner

  1. Wow–it’s been so long since we’ve interacted! So glad to hear that you ARE doing far better than that top image! You and your husband look wonderful!!! Yes, the body has amazing properties, and I’m so glad you were able to positively capitalize on one of them! Wish you a wonderful 2018 and beyond!

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    1. We were on the ferry to Museum Island. I was so looking forward to revisiting the Vasa and spending more time learning about the people on board when she sank. They recovered the remains of some of the victims as well (two were women, possibly either wives or prostitutes – nobody is really sure, but the ship was in dock so either are possibilities. There are records of who was aboard at the time, and an extensive history). The entire thing is utterly fascinating, and it’s remarkable that – out of a crew of 400 and their guests – only 30 people perished.

      We have plans this year, but are considering going back next year because there’s still so much we want to see and do, along with friends to meet up with 🙂

      Happy new year my friend! I hope that you, Daisy and her offspring are doing well (and your hunk of a husband, of course: I just can’t remember his name!)

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