Kicking 2017 Out Of The Door

I wouldn’t say it was awful, but it wasn’t brilliant. The fates conspired to ruin nice things for me by sending the Lurgy Fairy (in bloody Sweden of all places, while I was on holiday!) but we managed to make the best of it. At least my liver regenerated, right? So that’s good. Hoorah for Timelord genes a stubborn body, or something…

Still, as we always do, Tribble Towers took the lemons the year gave us and added tequila. I had a fabulous birthday, and we held our Swedish Jul party for friends (and a delightful little puppy). I even did some baking, because ScandiKitchen didn’t have any pepparkakor and I needed it.

Here we have my good friend Alex (who lives over at My Autistic Dance if you’re interested in her ramblings) with some of my spiders next to her on the shelf, taken while we were waiting for Lisa and Jay to arrive – and a picture of some of the pepparkakor, which I eventually made on Christmas Eve and which has gone down nicely with friends and family. Our house may be messy, by some standards, but it’s home from home to many people. The kettle is always on, the door is always open and flomping on the sofa as though you live here is mandatory.

Fermented cabbage and carrot

Sometimes, I get a friend over to poke cabbage into jars and make it fart! This is a Swedish fermented carrot and cabbage recipe I picked up on our trip to Skansen Island.

I think 2018 will be a good one for me and mine. The husbeast still has his job, and over the last twelve months friendships have been deepened. I would like to work on my health and begin baking full-time again (and be able to get out of bed and, you know, put clothes on; my PJs are so comfortable though!) and I also plan to expand on my (somewhat limited) mobility and get out more. It’s not as though I don’t have friends here after ten years, and I’d like to see them more than once or twice a year. I have ME and need plenty of down-time, but one afternoon of somewhere not these four walls and in good company is worth a day or three in bed, isn’t it? I can’t complain, since I really ought to be dead but am somehow not.

DWCon 2018 and tentative plans to spend a week on the Isle of Wight (somewhere that we both fell in love with as children, and so we would like to visit it together) awaits – as does new Doctor Who!

A very happy new year to you all, from Tribble Towers!


6 thoughts on “Kicking 2017 Out Of The Door

  1. Happy New Year to you both! I trust your lurgy has long gone now.

    Geoffrey and I went to our sister J and BiL D’s place for a few days, but came home on the 27th. to spend the New Year holiday here.

    I really ought to get out more too, especially during the winter, when a warm home, and hot drinks to-hand, easily beat standing at a bus stop in the drizzle and wind, or driving on icy-patched roads to the shops.

    If all goes well, I expect to be heading over to Canvey Island at the usual time next month, so, if it’s convenient for you, I could arrange to make a low pass over your neck of the woods, and parachute in the jars which I promised you 🙂

    Perhaps lunch out somewhere, if that’d suit you both?

    I’ve only been to the Isle of Wight once (~20 years ago) , to go to the yearly Garlic Festival

    held in mid to late August. It was good fun, with lots of tasty garlicky eats! The garlic sausages and burgers were fantastic, but the garlic beer was a once-only thing for me, though!

    All the best to you both for 2018!

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    1. Sadly, new lurgy has arrived. I don’t tend to get really sick at all, but since catching that cold on the plane my defenses are down. Hopefully we’ll be up to a visit next month; I certainly need to crack on with that confiturra for you!


      1. Sorry to hear of the new lurgy – I hope it’s gone soon.

        I’ll look forward to seeing you both again, hopefully next month, and to having a nice big supply of your confiturra! I can collect it on a second visit – I’ll have about 20 empty jars to drop off the first time. I’ll drop you an email with the date I’ll be passing your neck of the woods.

        A good dollop or two from the last jar I have went down very well indeed last night, with chickens in blankets (using chicken chipolata sausages instead of pork).


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