The Beautiful Man With The Legendary Voice: Freddie Mercury


He was the unassuming, shrinking violet, who became one of the biggest music legends of all time. The man with the engaging personality and smile; the man that the entire world adored. The man with the most incredible vocal range that has ever been recorded. He used to keep a notebook by his bed so that he could write down lyrics from his dreams and work them into threads of silver enchantment; he kept the world spellbound with his powerful stage persona.

Queen were a staple in music throughout my childhood, and everybody above the age of two back then knew all about Freddie. Handsome with beautiful, chocolate eyes, and a voice that could shake even my father’s hi-tec speakers with its range and volume. He weaved his magic with his voice, his pen and his piano… and we were entangled en masse, a public who were utterly spellbound.

It’s been 26 years today, Freddie. The world still loves you. You still rock us, and you will live forever.

There can be only one xxx

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