Autism, China In Your Hand And Frankenstein’s Creation

I wrote this on my old blog a few years ago. It’s still pertinent, and was even approved by Carol Decker.

Autistic people are still people. We face a lot of hatred and misunderstanding, but in many ways we are just like everybody else – except that we’re wired differently. Being differently wired is not necessarily a bad thing.

Missus Tribble

Following on from yesterday’s Flashblog event for Autism Awareness month (and submissions are still flooding in), a friend mentioned this morning that she loves T’Pau’s China In Your Hand because it was playing at the exact moment that her son was born and placed on her belly. She didn’t actually know what the song is about, and so I’ve been having fun telling her.

With autism still very much in the forefront of my mind, I also began to make some comparisons between Frankenstein’s Creation and how an autistic person can feel.

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