Even Tea Pets Can Tell A Story

“Ranking second in Chinese zodiacal signs, the Ox is huge. People often use it to indicate something big in size or number. People born in the Year of the Ox bear persistent, simple, honest, and straightforward characteristics. They are talented leaders with strong faith, and strong devotion to work. They are contemplative before taking actions, not easily affected by the surroundings but just follow their concept and ability. Being conservative with a lack of wit in speaking, they usually look silent and sometimes stubborn in their old ways.”

~Year of the Ox

Being born in the latter part of 1973, I was the oldest in my school year and – with the rest of my school year being born in 1974 – the only Ox in the Chinese zodiac in my class (the majority of the others were Tigers; no wonder I stood out!)

Chinese ox tea pet

The description is rather apt for me. I’m slow to work on things, but once I begin a task I don’t stop until it’s done. Such as picking up the house: if I start on one room, I can’t stop until the very last thing is tidied away. Things have been piling up since breaking my hip, but I should be able to get one room done today if I take breaks when the femoral screws start to complain. Also tea; lots and lots of tea.

With all of this said, let’s get on to the story behind my new tea pet: as an Ox, I naturally wanted an ox for my tea tray. None really struck me, until I found this little guy. I like the teardrop shape of the body, and blue is my favourite colour. Being born in 1973 also makes me a Water Ox (the most adaptable of the elements), so it had to be blue, really!

As you can see, he makes a lovely, cheerful addition to my new tea tray!

New Tray And Pet