To Colder Climes


We were so enchanted with Sweden last December, that we’d vowed to return even before we were driven to Skavsta for our flight back to wet and dreary England. We’d only had the weekend, and it was a tight schedule, but we still loved it. I was finally in the land of (some of) my ancestors, and I came away with the knowledge that Sweden has more history for me to uncover. More traditions to learn, and more language than I shall ever learn on Duolingo or even on Rosetta Stone. For me, it was almost as though I’d returned to my homeland: spiritually I have always felt Scandinavian, and feel close to the Norse Gods. I have done since learning about them and reading excerpts from Eddas as a child.

Not long after returning home from that weekend, we shared a Jul (Yule) evening with a colleague of my husband’s, and his partner – both of whom became close friends while we were away as a group on beautiful Ingarö. we shall be inviting them again this December for another night of partying like Vikings – but with knobs on, because I’ve learned so much more about the entirety of the Jul traditions and foods since our last visit.

In the early hours of Friday morning, Dom and myself shall be doing any last-minute packing (anything forgotten; meds, teeth… that sort of thing) and driving out to Stansted to catch the plane. Once we get out of Skavsta airport we’ll be on the bus for a little over an hour, and we shall be deposited almost directly outside of the Hilton Slussen Stockholm


I might not want to leave here!

We have a fairly full itinery, but this time we have almost a week to do things at our own pace. We intend to meet up with a couple of friends, and I want to revisit the Vasa Museum (remember how much I loved that warship?) so that I can spend more time learning what I can about her beyond what I already know.

I’m also looking forward to eating a Swedish diet for a week! Who knows; it may actually do my cholesterol the world of good and bring it down!

Sunday the 15th is reserved for just us, as it’s out tenth anniversary (the main reason we’re even going) but on Monday we are being driven back to Ingarö to spend time with friends. In general, it’s going to be a wonderful week.

I’ve decided to actually make a paper journal with photographs and silly mementos such as receipts that make me smile. I used to love both journalling and scrapbooking, and it will be lovely to be able to pick up an actual book to look back through what we did this October. Like one of my memory boxes, only more alive.

When we sit down to dinner on Friday evening, I’m sure we can order some snaps and toast our friends far and wide with a hearty skål!

I leave you with a wonderful Norwegian band: Wardruna.

3 thoughts on “To Colder Climes

  1. Have a really fantastic time! Congratulations on your tenth anniversary too!

    I’ll have to go and look up what a typical Swedish diet is – I can probably guess a few things, but I’d probably be wrong about most of them. I imagine a lot of fish would be involved, which ought to be healthy!

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  2. Sweden is on my bucket list! I hope you have a wonderful time. And I think, just like most anywhere, there is healthy food everywhere and it’s universally easy to ask for variations to items on a menu. Gee, has it been ten years already?? Congratulations!


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