The Hippy Hippy Breaks

So, it’s been confirmed. You all knew it, I knew it, and now I have the proof in an x-ray picture. I need further – and fairly extensive – surgery.

The neck of my left femur has collapsed – most likely due to osteoporosis. This has caused the cannualated screws to come loose so that they are protruding laterally, and the original fracture has reopened. This will mean losing most of my hip, and possibly plates to shore up my remaining bones against further collapse (and meds to try to slow the osteoporosis down, since that’s what it appears to be).

It’s going to be utterly brutal, and I will have some epic bruising – but I’ll be able to walk again, at the end of it. I’m actually at the point that – when I see the head osteo tomorrow – I want to corner him with my wheelchair and demand a bed so that we can end my misery. I have absolutely had enough! It’s not healthy for me to be surviving on Cocodamal and large measures of gin, and the Cocodamol itself is enough to kill my appetite. I’m eating, but I’m not eating nearly enough!

Actually, the hospital slop is exactly that: slop of the worst kind. I’ve asked Dom to please bring me healthy sandwiches and salads so that I don’t have to eat the crap served on the ward (they offer salads along with the shite, but I can’t survive on salad for a week).

In the mean time, we’ve not long returned home from the Discworld Convention (RIP/GNU, Sir Terry; may your name always be spoken). I spent a lot time in our room due to hip pain and the ME (battling pain seems to quadruple the effects of ME) but I did go to a few events, and allowed pictures of myself to be taken:

Face PaintHair2Spidey

Really not sure why my Mum doesn’t like it, when she was enthusing over the idea – but never mind; I love my hair, and the face paint was a lot of fun. The Smurf head next to me is Dom.

DWCon is always fantastic. I’m one of the “old guard” now, and I tend to “adopt” newbies. We’d not been there for more than an hour before a shy young lady with red hair asked if she could sit with us, and we chatted loads and just really hit it off (hi, Carina!) – and that’s really all you need to do at a DWCon – sit down and start chatting. People will always warm to you and take you under their wing if you’re new. I made a lot of new friends myself, having bumped into (or been rushed at by!) people whose names I knew as Facebook friends but who I hadn’t met in real life before.

But anyway… hips don’t lie, and all that rubbish. My hip is begging to be removed, and I’ll do anything it takes to get rushed through for the operation.

Still, I made it to the DWCon – which meant that I could catch up with old friends and meet an entire army of new ones! I’m glad I was there instead of being in hospital!

6 thoughts on “The Hippy Hippy Breaks

    1. It’s exactly what my GP and myself suspected, but obviously nothing could be done before we got the x-ray results. I’m seeing the positives in this (no more pain, less wheelchair) and – as always – I’ll be joking about the resultant bruising.

      How are you doing? The lat post I saw from you said there’d been some depreciation in your natural bone? I hope it’s nothing serious x

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      1. You have an amazing attitude under your difficult circumstances.
        Any idea when the next surgery will be? Will it end up as a THR?

        I am doing okay.
        We still have to get to the bottom of the osteopenia and we go from there.

        I really wish you well. ❤️ Hips suck.


  1. I’m so sorry to hear this. I hope your surgery will be done soon, get the damage repaired, and relieve you of your pain. You are, and will be, in my thoughts. Gentle *hugs*.


    1. I saw my surgeon today. I was put through the Stargate (CT scan) and go back for the results next week. Whichever way it goes, an operation is looming. We don’t know at this point if it’s going to be simple screw removal or going full Cyberhip, but I’ll cope either way.

      I’m always going to need my Thundertank now and then, but being able to actually walk to the local shops and only need it for big events would be wonderful!

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