The Year So Far, Discworld, And Artwork

Well. This year has been a bit of a bugger really.

I’m learning to walk again after my hip injury, but for any time outside I need my Thundertank (my niece is trying to find out how we can stencil Cheetara on the back of my chair, just because Cheetara is awesome).

Two friends who I loved were taken by cancer – and another just died suddenly. At least DEATH is kind in the Discworld novels, but in real life… well. Not so much. I certainly don’t see Death in this world adopting children or declaring that cats are nice.

It really hasn’t been a good year. How can it be a good year when you’ve spent most of it horribly injured and stuck in bed?

I’m lucky to have a husband who loves me enough to take time off work while I needed him. Some hip patients have nobody, and that makes me sad. Everybody should have someone to care for them, even if it isn’t a romantic relationship. Everybody deserves that.

I have had something to cheer me up though. Dom met an art student on his bus to work. She was talking to a friend about future projects, I think (I really don’t know), and so Dom stepped in and asked if she wanted to draw tarantulas. Once he gave her some photographs she was all over it, and she loves my spiders!

Here’s her work on my spiders so far:


Her name is Pippa, and my tarantulas are her first commission. Her work is absolutely stunning, and I simply can’t thank Pippa enough for these beautiful portraits. The attention to detail is incredible – just look at Storm’s silky abdomen! We’re going to frame every single one.

Thank you so much, Pippa! If you ever want to come over and study some of the others so that you can draw them, I can guarantee a warm welcome and a cup of really good tea!

One thought on “The Year So Far, Discworld, And Artwork

  1. I’m so sorry to hear of your friends’ deaths. We have lost friends to cancer too, and another friend is very ill with that disease. Indeed, death is not kind in real life.

    I hope your walking progresses well. I’ll be thinking of you.

    Those spider pictures are absolutely amazing – so detailed and lifelike! Pippa is a skilled, accomplished artist!

    I’ve had a very quiet, and somewhat blank, year. I went to most of the usual steam rallies, when weather and other commitments allowed, but for some reason I haven’t been motivated to put up any reports and pictures on Dreamwidth this year. I don’t think there are many people whom I used to know still on there – I think everyone’s on FB now.

    I didn’t go away on holiday either, unless you count a long weekend in Swanage in August, and another in North-East Suffolk in September. Oh, and the food festival at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway in October – that was good too. I must try to visit Wales again next year – probably the North this time.

    Cats! A couple of very old (since 1973) friends of mine have acquired two delightful little black kittens – well, they’re half-grown cats by now – and they’re very lively and friendly, though with painfully-sharp claws! They’re brothers, and get on well together, but they’re not yet so keen on my friends’ older cat, nor she on they. Time will no doubt smooth things along, though 🙂

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