Tea, Gong Fu And A Messy Bedroom!

Chinese Tea

As most of you already know, I’ve got my tea mojo back. I’m trying to slowly cut down on the beer, with the intent of becoming mostly teetotal. I’ve already ditched the gin, but I can’t honestly see myself not enjoying a few shots of Swedish Snaps come Jul – and I’m not missing out on my ceremonial mead at Samhain, or my Yule mulled wine. Other than that, I think I’m happy to keep alcohol out of the house and only drink socially (and occasionally).

My brewing method of choice is gongfu cha – the Chinese method. The very ritual of washing and preparing the tea prior to brewing is incredibly relaxing: even more so now that I have some wonderful relaxation apps on my phone (Relax Rain, Relax Forest and Relax Ocean – all free to use, and worth the download).

Last night’s treat was a very pleasing Nong Xiang Jin Xuan – or Midnight Sun – from Mei Leaf. This is a wonderful toasted oolong, which has a biscuity, creamy aroma and taste. I have various teas of various types, and brewing and drinking them is always a genuine pleasure.

A lot of people have asked me about this over the years since I discovered this method of taking my tea, so here’s a shortish video from last night’s foray back into this wonderful world. Please excuse the mess: I’ve been living in this bedroom since I broke my hip.

6 thoughts on “Tea, Gong Fu And A Messy Bedroom!

    1. Haha, thanks! Depending on how tired/hopped up on my meds I am I can sound very Gloucestershire, very Essex or – as in this video – a mix of both.

      I’m still learning the gongfu method, and the tea pets are a new addition for me: the latest addition will likely feature in future videos – he’s a cheerful little Pixiu – half dragon, half lion – who brings good fortune and wealth. He flushes gold when I pour the rinse onto him πŸ™‚

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  1. I enjoyed this so much… thanks for sharing… and thanks also to your videographer. ;)) It was all so peaceful and tingly to watch/listen to, and yes, from a Canadian, loved your accent too.


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