Sip Straight To The Soul: The 5 Characteristics of High-Quality Big Tree Tea – Translated Article

I do so enjoy a good puerh. Here’s why.

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This and another post on plantation teas will be my last Ulumochi translations for a while. Original article here. It has been a pleasure discussing tea with him briefly, he has contributed much to the pu’er community in Taiwan, and is someone I believe Western audiences may benefit from as well.

In Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, there is a scene where Master Li Mubai recounts to Yu Xiulian a session while training his Kungfu on Wudang mountain where he achieved a new realm of meditation. He says: “I once entered a deep settling silence. There was only light around me…time and space no longer existed. I believe I may have touched a place my master had never mentioned before.”

What kind of feeling is this “entering a situation of deep settling silence” Mubai mentioned? I’ve never studied traditional Wudang mental cultivation methods, so I’m not qualified to say…

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