Then and Now, Hip Surgeries, and Tea!

Two photos taken about a year apart. In one I was still quite depressed and drinking, whilst in another I’m sober, smiling and just home from major hip surgery. The latter was taken yesterday. Yes, I’m overweight now – but almost two years of forced inactivity will do that to a person. I still look (and feel) much happier in spite of the spare tyre.

I’m three months sober now, give or take a couple of days. I have absolutely no desire to drink, and rarely even think about it any more. I’m further down the gongfu rabbit hole now, and am enjoying it immensely! I’ve tried and fallen in love with so many new teas recently – so many, in fact, that I’ve had to start a tea journal in order to keep my observations straight.

Look at all this beautiful teaware; what’s not to love?

Before I can begin my tea journal though, I need my taste buds to return to normal! I’m still recovering from the general anaesthetic from having the screws taken out of my hip on Thursday.

That’s right: I have finally been uncyborged! My GP kindly listened to me, and asked for my operation to be expediated because I just couldn’t live like that any more. The operation itself went extremely well, and an hour after returning from recovery I was dressed, and bombing around in my wheelchair. I didn’t see my consultant again after the surgery, so I strongly suspect that he either knows me well enough to have realised there’d be no keeping me in, or the nursing staff advised him that I was perfectly okay to return home, as opposed to the planned overnight stay that I’d been told to expect.

I can already feel a massive difference in my hip, despite the pain caused by the surgical incision and the internal and external bruising. There’s nothing clicking or grinding in there, and once I can walk without aid again I won’t have that discomfort or pain. The ball joint seems to be viable, else I’d probably have woken up with a new one! I’m to do absolutely nothing other than what I need to do on my feet for the next few weeks, but after that I’m hoping to begin physio. We just have to wait for the holes left by the screws to heal over.

I’m rather looking forward to the tail end of the year, when I’ll be able to start picking up the house (carefully!) and making bread again.

2 thoughts on “Then and Now, Hip Surgeries, and Tea!

  1. I’m so glad to hear that your op went well, and that there’s no grinding going on any more.

    Here’s wishing you a quick recovery, and hoping that the physio will be able to start as soon as possible and get you walking unaided again.

    Take care,


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