Back On The Gong Fu Trail

It is really no secret to anybody who knows me that I love tea. I like a bog standard “builder’s brew” to wake me up in the morning (I prefer Yorkshire, but Tetley will do in a pinch) but there are different teas, and different ways of taking it. Such as drinking gong fu style. … More Back On The Gong Fu Trail

Learning To Walk Again

A year is a long time, but some hip fractures are more serious than others. I’ve seen a couple of ladies who were on the ward at the same time as I was, and they’re both up and walking. They’re walking differently to how they walked before, but they’re walking.

Everything’s Better With Discworld!

I have been so busy trying to find answers for my hip, complaining about horrible consultants through the proper channels and generally being miserable, that I seem to have completly forgotten to post about the fabulous long weekend in August that was Discworld Convention 2018. Since Sir Terry’s passing, the conventions are still running in … More Everything’s Better With Discworld!