Summer As A Spoonie

[Image: Central Park, Chelmsford, courtesy of Google] If there’s one thing I really don’t like about summer (aside from the Hot; I do terribly in Hot and like autumn and winter the best) it’s when all the young, pretty ladies break out the kind of adorable sundresses and accessories that a rotund, middle-aged trout (me) … More Summer As A Spoonie

Celebrating Good Times

Yesterday was Man-Tribble’s first payday, and late in the afternoon I received a text informing me that he’d booked a table at our favourite pub/restaurant (pictured) for 8pm. For us this place holds many happy memories concerning family and friends, and the food never fails to deliver. Being a Tuesday, the menu wasn’t terribly exciting, … More Celebrating Good Times

Chinese Tea (Or How To Get Completely Rat-Arsed Without Alcohol)

I am drunk. High. Shit-faced. Raddled. Call it what you will, but I can safely say that I am high as a kite. And I’ve not been anywhere near the falling-down-juice. How, you might ask? Just head over to chinalife and read Tea Master Don Mei’s blog. He can teach you all about it, but … More Chinese Tea (Or How To Get Completely Rat-Arsed Without Alcohol)